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Failure by a Training Provider to Provide Services or Refund Fees

On occasion, complaints may be made against companies that provide training for NCCCO exams due to an alleged failure to provide services or make payments for services.

Although NCCCO does not typically get involved in disputes between candidates and training providers, NCCCO does have procedures in place to facilitate the resolution of disputes involving an alleged failure to provide services or make payments for services.


For purposes of this policy, a failure to provide services means the failure to procure NCCCO exams or to provide NCCCO test administration services in situations where monies have been paid for services that include or purport to include the payment of NCCCO examination fees or other NCCCO fees. A failure to pay for services means the failure to compensate an NCCCO accredited Practical Examiner or a Test Site Coordinator for services pertaining to the administration of NCCCO examinations.

Summary of Procedures

In cases where the Program Integrity Team, through investigation, finds that a Training Provider has apparently failed to provide services or failed to pay for services subject to this policy, the following procedures shall apply.

  1. A complaint must be made in writing and may not be anonymous. The complaint must articulate either a failure to provide services, as opposed to complaints concerning the adequacy or competency of services, or a failure to pay for services actually provided to the Training Provider as requested.
  2. In response to a complaint, NCCCO will contact the Training Provider, who will be asked to respond. Thereafter, NCCCO may request further responses and/or documentation from the Training Provider or the complainant, or both.
  3. Once a complaint is closed, NCCCO will assign one of the following closing statuses: (a) Resolved, meaning the complaint was resolved satisfactorily, or (b) Unresolved, meaning the Training Provider failed to respond to the dispute or did not resolve or offer to resolve the dispute in a satisfactory manner.

List of Training Providers Who Have Failed to Resolve Complaints

The following Training Providers have failed to resolve two (2) or more complaints within a 12-month period charging that the Training Provider failed to provide services or pay for services under this policy:

  • Hook & Go Training Group (Louisiana)

How to Make a Complaint

To make a complaint regarding Training Providers that have failed to provide services or pay for services, please email NCCCO’s Program Integrity Hotline at