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Procedure for Approved Non-Photo ID/Certification Card Accommodation

As part of its accreditation requirements, CCO must verify the identity for each candidate taking a CCO examination. Generally, a candidate’s identity is verified at each exam administration with a photo ID. However, if a candidate is granted a religious accommodation for a non-photo ID/certification card, under CCO policy, their identity must be verified through fingerprints. The following procedure will apply to any candidate who has been approved for a non-photo ID/certification card accommodation by CCO.

  1. As part of the application process, the candidate must provide CCO will a full set of fingerprints. Each finger must have a legible fingerprint and each fingerprint must be clearly labeled.
  2. Once approved for the non-photo ID/certification card accommodation by CCO, CCO will provide the candidate with fingerprint ink and a single fingerprinting card along with their approval letter.
  3. The candidate will need to provide a fingerprint for at least both thumbs, or both index fingers, as verification of their identity at every CCO exam administration where the candidate is taking a CCO examination.
  4. When the candidate checks-in for an exam administration, the candidate will need to provide the proctor with the fingerprinting kit received from CCO. Additional fingerprinting cards can be downloaded and printed at
  5. Instead of verifying the candidate’s identity with a photo ID during the check-in process, the proctor will take legible fingerprints from the candidate using the materials provided. The fingerprints will need to be clearly labeled, identifying the finger the print was taken from and the date/time the fingerprints were taken.
  6. The fingerprints must be taken as part of the check-in process for the exam administration. The fingerprints cannot be provided any day before the administration, or any time after the exam has been administered.
  7. Once the candidate has provided legible fingerprints, they will be permitted to take their examination(s) according to CCO’s standard policies and procedures.
  8. At the end of the exam administration, the proctor will provide the fingerprint card to CCO for verification of the candidate’s identity. The proctor can either mail the original fingerprint card, or email a copy of the fingerprint card, to:
    ATTN: Testing Accommodations
    5250 S. Commerce Dr., Suite 100
    Murray, UT 84107
  9. If the proctor decides to email a copy of the fingerprint card to CCO for verification, the proctor will need to retain the original fingerprint card for at least 90 days after providing the copy to CCO. After 90 days, the proctor must shred the original fingerprint card.
  10. Once CCO has received the fingerprint from the exam administration, CCO will compare the fingerprint with the full set of fingerprints provided with the religious accommodations application to verify the candidate’s identity.
  11. After the candidate’s identity has been verified, CCO will score and release the candidate’s exam scores according to CCO’s standard policies and procedures.