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Certification of Crane Operators
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CCO and our staff were spared with Hurricane Ian making landfall much further south than anticipated resulting in minimal issues for the Tampa area. Our thoughts are with those who were less fortunate. Our Florida office is now open. However, there was a temporary interruption of some services. We appreciate your patience as we work diligently to address the backlog caused while the office was off line. If you need immediate assistance from a staff member, please call our main office line at 703-560-2391 for assistance.
2023 Candidate Exam Fees Set
Beginning January 1, 2023, CCO’s candidate fee structure will be updated to include both EOT and Online Proctored Testing (OPT) options, as well as reduced fees for computer-based testing (CBT), and an adjustment to practical exam fees.
CCO Announces Mobile Crane Operator Certification Program Modifications
Effective January 2023, the structure of CCO’s Mobile Crane Operator Program will see two updates that will simplify the program, create consistency, and improve the overall testing process.
CCO to Develop Credential for Crane Operator Evaluators
CCO is set to develop a credential for crane operator evaluators that will meet OSHA regulations. By offering this credential, CCO hopes to bring some clarity and uniformity to evaluations, to make evaluations more reliable and defensible, and to establish a “gold standard” for the qualification of crane operator evaluators.
Task Force Chair Dotto Discusses New CCO Telehandler Operator Certification
CCO is preparing to release new certifications for operators of rotating and fixed telehandlers. As the Telehandler Task Force puts the final touches on the written and practical exams that will be required for CCO certification, CCO sat down with the Task Force chair Tony Dotto to discuss why and how this new certification was developed.
CCO to Move Written Exam Delivery into the Digital Age
CCO is excited to announce its technology initiative to move all written exams to the computer.
New CCO Certification for Concrete Pump Operators Now Available
Candidates may now apply and take the exam for the new CCO Concrete Pump Operator certification.