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Computer-Based Test Application Process

In addition to paper/pencil testing, NCCCO also offers computer-based testing (CBT) for Written Exams (both initial and recertification) in most CCO certification programs. Exams are the same in content and length, but they are converted from paper/pencil format to a computer-based format. Although exams are electronic in format, they are not “online” (i.e., candidates are not allowed to test from their own computers; candidates must still visit a secure testing facility). However there are significant benefits to CBT exams, including quicker scheduling and same-day results.

To take a CBT exam:

  • Begin the online application process by clicking on the “Submit CBT Application” button below.
  • You will receive an email within 48 hours* that contains an authorization code and the toll-free number to contact PSI and schedule the exam(s).
  • 24 hours after receiving your authorization code, you may call to schedule your exam(s).
  • PSI will email to you confirmation of the testing date, location, and time.

*Please note that due to circumstances associated with NCCCO’s recent migration of its candidate processing system to a new software platform, we are having difficulty in meeting certain deadlines, and some candidates are experiencing intermittent delays in the processing of applications.  We regret the inconvenience that this temporary disruption may cause and are working diligently to restore standard response timeframes.

Candidates should apply to take CBT exam(s) as soon as possible but no later than five business days before their preferred exam date. Please note that site availability is not guaranteed on the preferred exam date, and availability can only be confirmed when scheduling your appointment.

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